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Stainless Steel Braided Metal Hose

The stainless steel braided metal hose we provide as a leading flexible metal conduit manufacturer is made from a galvanized flexible metal conduit that is coated with PVC, then braided with stainless steel or other materials as specified by the user. This braided tubing comes with excellent flexibility, a high corrosion resistance, and can support temperatures from as low as -30℃ to 105℃, and withstand high pressure up to 32MPa.

In any tubing system, the braided metal hose can be connected in any direction to compensate for temperature, absorb vibration, reduce noise, change medium flowage directions and eliminate mechanical displacement between tubes or between tubes and equipment. Metal bellows with double flanges allow this to be specially suited for flexible connections in a variety of pumps and valves that vibrate or get displaced.

This metal hose is braided with stainless steel and features a prominent explosion-proof performance, which makes it ideal to be used in explosive environments to protect cables. This flexible hose is perfect for cable protection in equipment and protective systems that are used in places the there is a possibility of explosive gasses such as offshore oil drilling platforms, petrochemical equipment, mines, and flourmills.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Braided Metal Hose
Materials: Galvanized flexible metal conduit, PVC coating and stainless steel braiding
Temperature range: -30℃~+105℃
IP Grade: IP67
Certification: CE

Technical Parameters of Stainless Steel Braided Metal Hose

Name Model Min. I.D. (mm) O.D. +PVC coating (mm) O.D. +PVC coating+ braided material (mm) Bending radius (mm) Packing length (m)
P125190G2W1 13 12.2 17.7±0.2 19 80
P161230G2W1 16 15.3 21.3±0.3 23 100
P208280G2W1 21 20 26.7±0.3 28.7 120
P260360G2W1 26 25 33.0±0.4 36 140
P350460G2W1 35 34 42.2±0.4 46 160
P400525G2W1 40 39 47.8±0.5 52.5 200
P510630G2W1 51 50 59.4±0.5 63 240
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