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Metallic Conduit

    1. Flexible Metal ConduitOur product can be used alone or assembled into a wiring group.
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      Our UL listed flexible metal conduits are also called electrical metallic tubing, or galvanized steel conduits. All of ours have passed UL1 security certifications such as the NO: E466797. By meeting these certifications, our electrical conduits are in conformity with federal requirement for the safe use of electrical appliances.
    1. UL1 Listed Flexible Metal ConduitYou need to find the best UL1 listed flexible.The question is who. Well look no further... < More > The flexible tubing is ideally suited to provide protection to power wires lighting equipment, OA wiring, machinery, elevators, computer facilities, solar equipment and in buildings where there is a low risk of fire.
    1. Wiring HarnessesThe wiring harness is a new addition to our line of metallic and non-metallic conduits. Our in-house design and OEM capability allows us to produce quality wiring assembly for use in wide-ranging applications.
    1. Liquid Tight Flexible Metal ConduitThe highest quality liquid tight flexible metal conduit for use in various waterproof applications. < More > The liquid tight metal conduit is ideal for protecting power cables, especially in industries where the environment is harsh, like nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, mining, shipbuilding and solar equipment.
    1. Cable Protection ConduitThe cable protection conduit is available in a square locked design or an interlocked design. < More > This particular cable conduit features a small diameter, is lightweight, and has a high tensile strength, a superior insulating performance and excellent resistance to a variety of issues such as bending, rats, side compression and improper twisting.
    1. Interlocked Gooseneck TubeThis interlocked gooseneck tube can be designed with an internal liner that allows... < More > This stainless steel flexible tubing can also be used to support and position various items. It also comes with an advantage over average competitors by being light weight and has no noise.
    1. PVC Sheathed Metal HoseThe PVC sheathed flexible metal conduit is anti-static, explosion-proof, and oil-resistant. < More > Since this flexible metal conduit with PVC coating is not only lightweight, flexible, antistatic and explosion proof, but also oil resistant and liquid tight, it is extensively used in power, chemical, metallurgical, light industrial and mechanical industries.
    1. Stainless Steel Braided Metal HoseIt is braided with stainless steel and features a prominent explosion-proof performance. < More > The stainless steel braided metal hose we provide as a leading flexible metal conduit manufacturer is made from a galvanized flexible metal conduit that is coated with PVC, then braided with stainless steel or other materials as specified by the user.

Zhejiang FLEXIBLE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional flexible conduit solution provider in China. We offer 10 kinds of metallic conduits for various commercial and industrial applications. Materials of our flexible metal conduit include galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. Among these kinds of metal hose, there are 4 kinds that are designed with waterproof coating for special environments, i.e. liquidtight flexible metal conduit

Our metallic conduit, known as electrical conduit, features a wide range of diameter, ranging from 3mm to 115mm. 3mm type can provide mechanical protection to optical fiber and electronic wire and 115mm type is ideal for protecting large diameter electrical wires and cables. In addition, the electrical metallic tubing covered by a woven mesh is great for the environment which requires high wear resistance, and accommodates to various environments and EMI shielding requirements according to different materials and structures.

Furthermore, we provide two types of flexible metallic conduits, namely interlocked type and twisted-pair type, which can respectively meet different requirements.

Certificates of Metallic Conduit
UL (UL 1/UL 360), CUL, CSA, CE, ATEX and CCS

Applications of Metallic Conduit
Medical equipment, Fire alarm system, Security equipment, Sensing system, Low fire hazard building, Elevator, Computer facilities, Aircraft industry, Lighting, OA wiring, Machinery, Mining, Shower hose, Earphone of headset, USB lighting, Endoscopy/Laparoscopy, Inlet/outlet tube of sanitary hardware & water filter, Fiber optic light guide, Flexible tube of fan coil, etc.