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Liquid Tight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit

The liquid tight flexible non-metallic conduit is made from high quality PVC material. It is available with a stable performance in a high temperature environment, and is suitable for wet, dry and oily environments, providing superior wire protection. Due to its remarkable UV resistance, this PVC conduit can be directly used in outdoor applications. It can also be referred to as an underground conduit.

The inner wall of this conduit is designed with reinforced PVC, which enables the integral structure to be strengthened, which considerably enhances the tensile strength. In addition, this flexible tubing is resistant to bending and abrasions. It can also recover quickly back to its normal form after being deformed under heavy pressure.

This flexible non-metallic conduit with a liquid tight performance is non-conductive, making it suitable for use in areas where insulating performance is required. The insulated conduit our leading flexible manufacturer and distributor provides will definitely meet your requirements. Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you are interested in our product.

Specifications of Liquid Tight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit
Materials: PVC
Temperature range: 105℃ (Dry), 60℃ (Wet) and 70℃ (Oily)
Construction: Smooth inner and outer wall; inner wall contains reinforced PVC
IP Grade: IP68
Certification: UL1660

Technical Parameters

Nominal size (inch) I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Bending radius (mm) Packing length (m)
Min. Max. Min. Max.
3/8(12) 12.29 12.8 17.53 18.03 51 30.48
1/2(16) 15.8 16.31 20.83 21.34 82.5 30.48
3/4(21) 20.83 21.34 26.16 26.67 108 30.48
1(27) 26.44 27.08 32.77 33.40 165 30.48
1-1/4(35) 35.05 35.81 41.40 42.16 203 30.48
1-1/2(41) 40.01 40.64 47.37 48.26 228.5 30.48
2 (53) 51.31 51.94 59.44 60.33 282 15.24

Our liquid tight non-metallic conduits can be found in a wide array of applications in different industries such as mechanical manufacturing, electrical insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile making, aviation, metro trains, and automatic control functions.

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