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Non-Metallic Conduit

    1. Liquid Tight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit It can also recover quickly back to its normal form after being deformed under heavy pressure. < More > The inner wall of this conduit is designed with reinforced PVC, which enables the integral structure to be strengthened, which considerably enhances the tensile strength. In addition, this flexible tubing is resistant to bending and abrasions.
    1. Corrugated Plastic ConduitOne of our products is a corrugated plastic conduit. This corrugated tubing is made of PA, PE, and PP. It is tough, and is impact resistant, heat resistant, abrasion resistant, and is free from chemical corrosion, all completed with a glossy finish.

Apart from a wide assortment of metallic conduits, FLEXIBLE, a specialized cable conduit maker in China, offers over 20 kinds of non-metallic conduit for various applications. These kinds of electrical conduit are suitable for protecting different cables through them.

This flexible non-metallic conduit can be made from numerous materials including PVC, PP, PE, EVA, PA6, PA66, etc. And, it is available in a wide range of trade sizes from 10mm to 55 mm.

Now, we have been among the most trusted non-metallic conduit suppliers in the world. Our non metal conduits including liquid tight flexible non-metallic conduit and corrugated plastic conduit are warmly welcomed by users worldwide. They can serve as great tubing system and building materials.