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Metallic Fittings

    1. EMT ConnectorOur goal is widely used for the connection of EMT conduits. They are flexible metal conduits. < More > Our goal is to provide customers with products of high quality, competitive pricing, and superior services. The EMT couplings are also known as combination couplings or EMT fittings and are widely used for the connection of EMT conduits. They are flexible metal conduits.
    1. IMC ConnectorThe IMC connector is mainly used to connect metal tubing and other connections of the IMC tube to a flexible metal conduit. As a company that specializes in metallic fitting supplies, we offer a complete range of IMC fittings and IMC couplings.
    1. Electrical Conduit FittingOur electrical conduit fitting comes with a unique construction that not only ensures a quick installation, but is also highly stable. This type of tube fitting is suitable for various applications such as machinery equipment, automatic production lines, measuring equipment and more.
    1. Liquid Tight Conduit FittingIn order to ensure secure electrical service in areas that are exposed to water, oil, dirt and other contaminants, we offer a full line of connectors and fittings that can be used with liquid tight flexible metal conduits.
    1. BX ConnectorAs we are one of the leading metal conduit and fittings manufacturers, we offer a selection of 7 different types of BX connectors, including the 90 degree squeeze, straight squeeze, screw-in, set screw, BX-Flex, NM and MC cable fittings, two screw, strap and screw on.

With years of rapid development in the flexible conduit industry, we have developed into a major metallic conduit and fittings manufacturer. We can provide our customers with a wide assortment of metallic fittings to match different kinds of metallic conduits.

Our metal conduit fittings, including EMT connectors, IMC connectors, electrical conduit fittings and liquid tight fittings are all available in a number of forms such as a straight connector, and a light angle connector. According to differences in threads, the metallic fittings can be further divided into PG, PF, and NPT forms.