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Waterproof Cable Connector 90°

The 90° waterproof cable connector can not only provide equipment cable entry with more outlet directions, but it can also secure bent cables in the conduit to make the raceway more visually appealing. Due to excellent construction, the cable gland boats a full sealing performance and superior waterproof property. In addition, each of our plastic conduit fittings has all passed a 1,000 hour test for UV resistance, leaving the waterproofing and tensile strength unchanged.

The waterproof cable connector that we supply as a professional non-metallic conduit and fittings supplier also has outstanding resistance to corrosion by acid and alkali, chemical substances and common solvents. A comprehensive range of sizes allows the conduit connector to be widely used on cable entry in many different kinds of electoral areas.

Specifications of 90° Waterproof Cable Connector
Material: PA66
Color: Black or random
Flame retardant rating: V2
Temperature range: -40℃~100℃ (Static); -20℃~80℃ (Dynamic)
IP rating: IP68

Technical Parameters of 90° Waterproof Cable Connector

Model AD (mm) E F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) N (mm) L (mm)
M12×1.5/AD10.0 10.0 M12×1.5 8.3 9.0      
M16×1.5/AD13.0 13.0 M16×1.5 11.7 10.0 42.7 52.8  
M20×1.5/AD15.8 15.8 M20×1.5 15.5 15.3 54.5 62.5  
M20×1.5/AD21.2 21.2 M20×1.5 15.5 15.3      
M25×1.5/AD28.5 28.5 M25×1.5 20.0 15.5      
M32×1.5/AD34.5 34.5 M32×1.5 27.0 15.3      
M40×1.5/AD42.5 42.5 M40×1.5 35.0 15.3      
M50×1.5/AD54.5 54.5 M50×1.5 43.4 25.7      
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