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Non-metallic Fittings

    1. Waterproof Cable Connector 90°The 90° waterproof cable connector can not only provide equipment cable entry with more outlet directions, but it can also secure bent cables in the conduit to make the raceway more visually appealing.
    1. Waterproof Cable Connector 180°Our waterproof cable connector has become a widely approved conduit fitting, having gone through an intense UV test with no changes in performance or tensile strength. It also has an excellent resistance to corrosion from acid and alkali, chemical substances and common solvents.
    1. Plastic Snap-in Connector 90°As a professional electrical conduit and fitting manufacturer, we can provide excellent 90° plastic snap-in connectors for connection one or two runs of nonmetallic sheathed cable (NMSC) to a box. This cable fitting features corrosion resistance and insulation protection, as well as an easy installation and removal.
    1. Plastic Snap-in Connector 180°The 180° snap-in connector is a straight type cable connector used in various electrical fittings. It features fast and easier installation, easy removal, one piece design and a robust construction. This plastic fitting can make your electrical wiring project more convenient and save you labor.
    1. Quick Connector 90°In addition, this right angle connector has passed RoSH test and features and excellent self-quenching performance. Due to this, it is suitable for industries that have high safety and environmental protection standards.
    1. Quick Connector 180° In addition, RoSH approval and a great self-quenching performance make this nylon quick connector suitable for the industries that require high safety ratings and environmental protection standards.
    1. Waterproof Plastic Connector 90°This tube fitting comes with a special clamping device and rubber grips, ensuring it has a wide clamping range, high tensile strength, and is resistant to many elements that would cause wear or damage such as water, dust, salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, grease and common solvents.
    1. Waterproof Plastic Connector 180°This PVC connector also features a specially designed clamping device and rubber accessory, giving it a wide clamping range. It has a high tensile strength and great resistant to corrosive and damaging materials such as water, dust, salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, grease and common solvents.

Our nonmetallic fittings are made from flame-resistant plastic materials such as PA, PVC, nylon and more. These conduit fittings come with a wide selection of waterproof cable connectors, plastic snap-in connectors, and quick connectors. Each type is available in 90° and 180° angle options and feature a high IP rating.