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Conduit Fittings

    1. Metallic FittingsOur metal conduit fittings, including EMT connectors, IMC connectors, electrical conduit fittings and liquid tight fittings are all available in a number of forms such as a straight connector, and a light angle connector.
    1. Non-metallic FittingsThese conduit fittings come with a wide selection of waterproof cable connectors, plastic snap-in connectors, and quick connectors. Each type is available in 90° and 180° angle options and feature a high IP rating.

We are a prominent flexible conduit and fittings manufacturer in Chia. Our conduit fittings, also known as box connectors and conduit couplings are divided into metallic fittings and non-metallic fittings.

The metallic conduit fittings are primarily made from galvanized zinc alloy, and are frequently used as electrical fittings in various electrical conduit connecting applications.

The non-metallic fittings are also known as plastic fittings or water-proof cable connectors are primarily made from PA, PVC, and nylon. They are available in 90° and 180° angle options.