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Armored Fiber Optic Cable

    1. Single-Core Armored CableThe single-core armored cable serves mainly as a communication cable, but it does provide excellent resistance against rodents, bending, and moisture, all while having a high tensile strength.
    1. Dual-Core Armored CableWhen compared to a traditional fiber optic cable, the dual-core armored cable boasts stronger mechanical characteristics and superior optical performances. It can serve as a perfect telecommunication cable as well as other communication products.
    1. Multi-core Armored Cable The multi-core sheathed cable has 4 to 12 fiber cores inside and is composed of 250μm optic fibers, a stainless steel conduit, Kevlar, stainless steel braiding, and a flame retardant jacket. It comes in two sizes: 2 mm and 3 mm.
    1. Armored Figure-8 CableThis superior data transfer medium comes with outstanding tensile strength, comprehensive resistance and rodent protection.
      The sheath is available in flame retardant PVC, LSHZ, PE, and PU.
    1. Bunched Cable (4-12 Cores)It is easy to install due to its unique construction.
      UL certifications and RoHS approval allows this telecommunications cable to be high quality and protect the environment.
    1. Bunched Cable (16-48 Cores)Serving as an advanced data transfer medium in today’s communication lines, this bunched cable is superior to other media as it has a high tensile strength and compression resistance, protection against rodents and is easy to install.

As a prominent armored cable manufacturer in China, we have been manufacturing and distributing tube assembly products for many years. We have proudly supplied a wide selection of armored fiber optic cables, under water cables, and sensing fiber optic cables, each of which boasts a superior quality.

Our armored fiber optic cable comes with the same outside diameter as that of a normal cable, ensuring it can paired with any standard connectors. It is armored using Kevlar, a high strength material that ensures this sheathed cable is able to avoid damage due to pulling. Because of its armored structure, this optical fiber cable can be protected from pressure damage and improper torsion.

Our armored fiber optic cable can be designed with a special out coating that is flame retardant, resistant to harsh temperatures, and meets RoHS approval. This telecommunication device is also light weight and flexible.

Applications of the armored fiber optic cable
This armored fiber optic cable is ideal for telecommunications systems, broadcasting systems, control systems for building automation, power control systems sensing equipment and more.

For more information on our armored fiber optic cable, please feel free to contact us. As a customer-oriented company, we are more than happy to provide assistance.