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Silicone Sheathed Fiber Optic Sensing Cable

The silicone sheathed fiber optic sensing cable is one of our most popular sensor cables. This fiber optic sensing cable employs unique materials like silicone that have excellent performances under high temperatures and high voltages, giving the fibers inside perfect protection, which enables the entire sheathed cable to function normally in these types of environments, with no influence on transmission performance.

Product Features
1. The fiber optic sensing fiber is protected by a silicone sheath, which can normally work at a high ambient temperature of 250℃ without running into problems.
2. In addition to its high temperature resistance, this heat resistant optical cable is ideal for sensing in high voltage environments of 6 Kv without having an influence on performance.


Product Structure

1. Teflon
2. Aramid Yarn
3. Silicone sheath

Geometric Characteristics of Fiber Optic Sensing Cable

Teflon Number of Kevlar Thickness of silicone sheath O.D.
φ0.46~0.96 8×1580 (1.8mm ) 0.6 φ3.3mm
φ0.96~1.46 8×1580 (2.4mm ) 0.6 φ3.3mm

Technical Parameters of Fiber Optic Sensing Cable

Materials Silicone Teflon tube
High voltage resistance (KV) ≥2.5~3.5 ≥2.5~3.5
High temperature resistance (℃) ≥200~250 ≥230~250
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