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Armored Fiber Optic Cable for Temperature Sensing

The armored fiber optic cable is a general sensor cable used for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems. This DTS cable is suitable for the vast majority of DTS environments and is designed with a high intensity armor that features excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and crush resistance.

This type of armored fiber optic cables are widely used for distributed temperature sensing applications in tunnels and petrochemical, steel, coal, and other large scale industrial enterprises. In addition, the temperature sensing cable can be used for health examinations in large construction projects such as bridges and warehouses.


Product Structure

1. Fiber
2. Aramid yarn
3. Stainless steel flexible conduit
4. Stainless steel braiding
5. Flame retardant jacket

Geometrical Characteristics

Type Φ3.0
Cable dimension (mm) 3.0±0.1
Fiber diameter (μm) 250/600/900

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength (N) Long Term 200
Short Term 400
Crush resistance (N/100mm) Long Term 3000
Short Term 5000
Bending radius (mm) Dynamic 20×D (D: Cable Diameter)
Static 10×D (D: Cable Diameter)

Fiber Characteristics

9/125 50/125 62.5/125
1310/1550(nm) 850/1300(nm) 850/1300(nm)
Max. peak attenuation (dB/km) ≤0.40/0.30 ≤3.5/1.5 ≤3.5/1.5
Min. bandwidth (MHZ-KM) -- ≥400/400 ≥160/500
Temperature range (℃) -20°~+70°
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