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Special Armored Fiber Optic Cable

    1. PBT Tube Protected Fiber Optic Sensing CableThis sensing fiber optic cable is ideal for use in subway systems, tunnels, and fire protection industries to sense temperature and pressure, making it ideal to prevent disasters and accidents.
    1. Silicone Sheathed Fiber Optic Sensing CableThis fiber optic sensing cable employs unique materials like silicone that have excellent performances under high temperatures and high voltages, giving the fibers inside perfect protection, which enables the entire sheathed cable to function normally in these types of environments, with no influence on transmission performance.
    1. Armored Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial CableIt can be used for HD televisions and cameras, monitors, and outdoor displays that require a large format.
      The outer jacket has great mechanical properties that all conform to relevant standards.
    1. Armored Fiber Optic Cable for MiningThis mining cable not only has the complete advantages for armored fiber optic cables, but it also meets the specific requirements for the coal and mine industries, adding unique new performances.
    1. Teflon Sheathed Fiber Optic CableThis fiber optic cable has an excellent resistance to high temperatures. It can function normally up to temperatures as high as 150°C without influencing data transmission.
      This high temperature cable has a high insulation resistance. The insulation ratio can be up to 10KV/mm according to the thickness of the Teflon jacket.
    1. Copper Wire Braided Fiber Optic CableThe copper wire braided fiber optic cable is a typical armored cable with a perfect electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding performance. It is designed with a layer of copper wire braiding on the outer flame retardant jacket, which protects optical transmissions in the shielded cable from being interfered with from outside the electromagnetic field and wave, while still providing a steady transmission performance.
    1. Armored Fiber Optic Cable for Temperature SensingThe armored fiber optic cable is a general sensor cable used for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems. This DTS cable is suitable for the vast majority of DTS environments and is designed with a high intensity armor that features excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and crush resistance.
    1. Seamless Tube Armored Fiber Optic CableThis armored fiber optic cable features a simple structure and small size as well as prominent mechanical properties and transmission performances.
      Due to its seal design, electrochemical corrosion resistance, oil and water blocking performances, this fiber optic sensor cable is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.
    1. Armored Optical Fiber Cable for Oil FieldIt employs a stainless steel tube to give the perfect protection to the bare fiber. Oil is filled in the area between the fiber and seamless tube in order to ensure the fiber has excess length.
      Our armored fiber optic cables with steel strand jackets have superior mechanical, transmission and environmental performances.

As an optical cable expert with many years of experience in fiber cable designing, manufacturing and marketing, we have developed a large variety of special fiber optic cables that can be divided into different categories according to structure, materials and purposes, such as sensing cables, HFC cables, mining cables, shield cables, and DTS cables.

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