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Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable

    1. Single-Core Armored Fiber Optic Patch CableOur armored fiber optic patch cable with its single-core comes with a great resistance against side pressure and buckling, along with rodent resistance.
      This single mode patch cable or multi-mode patch cable is available in various protective jackets made from flame retardant materials such as PVC, LSZH and PU.
    1. Dual-Core Armored Fiber Optic Patch CableIt reduces the cost of cabling and simplifies the process of installing cables onto the optical distribution frame (ODF).
      The fiber optic patch cable features a great resistance to side pressure and bending, while still protecting against rodents.
    1. Multi-core Armored Fiber Optic Patch CableIt is designed with a stainless steel armor that can protect the optical patch cord from various damages. In addition, this fiber jumper can resist damage from improper twisting, and it comes with a high tensile strength, crush resistance and protection against rodents.

We offer a wide selection of armored fiber optic patch cables. Our fiber optic patch cable is also known as a fiber optic patch cord, fiber optic jumper, or fiber optic pigtail. It is specially designed with a stainless steel flexible conduit to protect fibers and employs a PVC jacket in order to achieve moisture and flame resistance. This makes it different from traditional patch cords.

We have also developed a unique technology and structure to make sure that the flexible conduit in our armored fiber optic patch cable can be firmly jointed to the connectors. This special design ensures easy cabling, reduces loss in the cabling process, and extends the service life of the optical fiber connector. It also enhances the safety and stability of the overall cabling system.

1. Our armored fiber optic patch cable is provided with a small diameter stainless steel flexible conduit for giving optic fibers perfect protection against damage.
2. It features excellent resistance to improper twisting.
3. It has a high tensile strength, crush resistance, and rodent protection.
4. With this communications cable, your overall cabling will become easy and safe.
5. Our fiber optic patch cable can bring you complete peace of mind against any damage.
6. It is also very low maintenance.