Zhejiang FLEXIBLE Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 50, Zhijiang Road, Huimin Street, Economic Development Zone, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Postal Code: 314100
Tel.: +86-573-84833888
Fax: +86-573-84838020
Contact person: Queena Chien

We are a leading player within the flexible conduit and optical cable market. With a combination of innovative design and dedicated manufacturing processes, we offer our customers a large selection of flexible conduits, conduit fittings and accessories, as well as fiber optic patch cords. We also provide superior services and technical supports, becoming experts that you can rely on for your flexible conduit systems and data transmission needs.

Our unmatched services allow us to work hand in hand with you throughout the entire process, ensuring we can receive customer feedback on how to make our services even better. Our services are all customer oriented, and follows a policy that puts the customer first, has a scientific management and professional service.

1. Offer
As soon as we receive an inquiry, we will respond with an offer within 2 business days. We prefer requests via FOB. If you require CNF, CIF or other services, please let us know the specific destination.

2. Sample
We can provide customers with samples of our products, including cable protection conduits, metal hoses, conduit fittings, fiber optic cables and more to provide reference when placing your order.

3. Trademark
Our customers can select their own trademarks. If they do so, they are required to provide the corresponding license of the registered trademark.

4. Product Customization
We are proud to offer considerate customized service. Customers can offer relevant service conditions for flexible conduit systems and armored fiber optic cables that they need, as well as specific product functions and requirements for appearance among other requests. Our R&D team will take these concept ideas and turn them into an actual structure and carry out all proper optimizations according to production standards.

5. Customer Feedback
After a sale, we will continue to keep communication channels open to our customers, in order to know how our products behave during service, listen to customer feedback and handle problems in a timely manner.